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Grace is the Escort Amsterdam Girl That Will Excite You.

Grace is the feminine outdoors type that enjoys her work.

To begin with, actions speak louder than words. That’s Grace’s favorite saying and she uses it often. When you meet Grace, the first thing you notice is that even though she may not talk a lot, she gets her point across. An analytical soul, she’s the type of person who is perfectly content sitting at a cafe watching people walk by. In addition, noticing all the little individual characteristics that people carry.

Grace Loves One-On-One Attention

In her own words: she was an introvert growing up. Therefore, she didn’t talk a lot and I wasn’t always a fan of large gatherings. Afterwards, when she became an adult, she realized that it was something to embrace and love. She thrives on one-on-one interaction. Similarly, she likes to focus all her attention on one person and just take them all in. Waitressing and bartending just didn’t cut it for Grace when she first moved here in Amsterdam.

Instead, it didn’t fit her quiet, introspective personality. In contrast, she told us that she is still going back and forth between being an artist for self-expression or going into the medical field for the person interaction with patients. As you can tell, she’s extremely intelligent and self-aware. In the meantime, she loves her work here because it exposes her to cultures from all over and allows her to spend that special personal time with you. She’ll lock eyes on you and want you all to herself. Further, she’ll be more than happy to give all of herself to you.

Take her out for dinner tonight

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In conclusion, when you take her out on the town, make sure you’ve eaten your vegetables and drink plenty of water. Because, you are going to need every drop of energy once she’s in your bedroom! Contact us at to find out more and to set a date with the lovely Grace.