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Hazel is an Erotic, Sexy, and Classy Escort in Amsterdam

Hazel is one of our best Amsterdam escorts.

To begin with, Hazel is prepared to provide polite gentlemen a taste of the finer things in life. This Amsterdam escort has a flair for everything elegant and high-class. With a love for getting dolled up in all the latest high fashion. Therefore, she is the perfect date for those celebratory or fancy occasions that any average mate simply would not do justice.

Born and raised to a wealthy family in Hamburg, Germany, Hazel got an early taste of high-class living. Later in life, she relocated to Amsterdam where she retained that flavor for proper manners and maintaining a pristine image. Now 27 years old, she goes well wrapped around the arm of a gentleman looking to prove that he has the same high standards. In addition, Hazel will ensure that your stay in Amsterdam maintains the integrity and class that it deserves.

Uniquely, she will also make sure you are treated like a king in the process, making sure your time after hours is just as, if not more, memorable than your time touring around town. While she is a date you can be proud to show off to others. Equally important, her seductive side will be the reason you want to keep her to yourself. While respecting your boundaries, Hazel will not simply go through the motions. She welcomes your creativity and readily considers special requests. Further, she remains open-minded to welcoming in any and all men and women it takes to make the night memorable.

Go out to dinner with your Date

Among the many restaurants in Amsterdam, Senses Restaurant may be her favorite. Check out their menu and enjoy your dinner with a relaxing atmosphere.

In conclusion, Hazel features a tall and lean build, standing at 5-foot-8 and weighing in at 138 pounds. Regular exercise has given Hazel incredible flexibility, which can come in handy. Hazel spends her work time employed with several high-end restaurants, ensuring their high-end clientele receives top-notch service.