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Inquild is your Amsterdam Escort Girl, Next Door Experience.

Your Perfect Dutch Blonde Escort.

To begin with, a lot of girls these days claim to be the classic “Girl Next Door,” but do not live up to the hype when you get to know them. Inquild is the classic example of a girl from the Norway suburbs who came to the big city. In addition, for college, and decided to let loose for the first time in her life. You now have the opportunity to take her out and show her a wild time thanks to our service.

Inquild developed a killer body during high school by participating on the soccer and swimming teams. Likewise, while she was wrapped up in the world of high school athletics as a teenager. Even though, she can now have fun and explore the salty Amsterdam night sky with you.

Take Inquild out on the Town and be prepared for some starring!

In the first place, she has learned how to dress appropriately for Amsterdam nightclubs. During Summer at the beach party scenes, you will be presently surprised how this one-time tomboy has transformed. Further, she can turn into a true vixen when she gets a couple of vodka and Red Bulls into her system.

Perhaps visit one of her favorite restaurants The Happy Bull featuring the greatest burgers in the city. Located at: Hoofddorpweg 9, 1059 CS, Amsterdam. +31 20 363 6606.

Above all, while she is now a true femme fatale, don’t challenge her to a round of Call of Duty or Halo. Because, she will make you look like a beginner! If you choose to take her out to a sports bar, be prepared to talk about the local sports and prospects for the postseason.

In conclusion, if you want to experience the true girl next door, Amsterdam Escorts can provide you with your biggest fantasy. Give us a call today to schedule a date with Inquild or one of our other escort dames.