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Rosalie is to be one of your Hotel Escorts in Amsterdam

Rosalie is a perky blonde with a vivacious personality.

To begin with, Rosalie is a longtime major science fiction fan. Further, she loves reading the old classics by H.G. Well, Jules Verne, Robert A. Heinlein and Arthur C. Clarke. Similarly, she has and even has tried her hand at writing a few stories herself. She especially likes time travel stories because of all the paradoxes, Then, how you get to do certain fun things over and over and over again! But don’t misconstrue her. When all is said and done, Rosalie is a real down-to-earth girl. Likewise, she possesses  with all the normal aspirations, dreams and desires of a healthy young woman!

While, she came here last summer from Italy, and at first, she was barely making a living as a waitress, on her feet for hours. With this in mind, she now says that one of the happiest days in her life was when she became one of our Amsterdam escorts. Finally, she says that she really can’t believe that she actually gets paid to simply have fun!

How about a Nice Romantic Dinner with Her.

Consider Mount Everest Tandoori is a nice restaurant with a warm atmosphere serving Northern Indian and Food from Nepal. They are located at: Spreeuwenpark 3D, 1021 GS, Amsterdam, +31 6 33695599.

At the same time, Rosalie is the personification of fun. Besides, you’ll love taking her out for a spin on the dance floor. Perhaps, taking her to as your guide to visit some of Amsterdam’s clubs. Likewise, she especially loves Latin music and Cuban food. Further, she prides herself on making sure that the men she meets feel cared for and are satisfied with their experience with her.  

In conclusion, Rosalie is a great person to enjoy the Netherlands with. So, stop hesitating and contact us today to schedule your appointment with her or with one of our other companions.